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ISI Cube Mould

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Electronics Lab Training Modules

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Advance Communication Lab Training Modules

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GM Counter

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

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Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals of Aerodynamics and Airflow

Fluid Mechanics

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Fluid Mechanics Components in Piping Systems

Electronics Lab Taining Modules

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  Digital Electronics Lab Training Modules

Digital Electronics Lab Training Modules
  • Logic gates using six ttlic's (6 in 1)
  • Rt logic gates (5 in 1)
  • Basic logic gate using discrete components (7 inl)
  • Digital logic trainer (logic gates,booleon identities & demorgan's theorems)
  • Verification of truth tables of logic gates using universal gates
  • Circuit designer board
  • Logic gate circuit trainer
  • Pulse/clock generator using nand gate
  • 4bif adder & subtractor circuits using 17483
  • Digital ful: adders & subtractors using nand gates
  • Flip flops using nand gates & ttlic's
  • 4bif counters (syncronous & asynchronous)
  • 4 bit shift registers
  • Encoder & decoder circuits
  • 16 to7 line multiplexer & 1 to! 6 line demultiplexer
  • 4/8 to 1 line multiplexer
  • 4/8 to 1 line demultiplexer
  • Ram circuit using 17489
  • Parity generator/checker
  • 4/8 bit analog digital converter
  • 4/8 bit digital to analog converter
  • Transfer characteristics of ttl and ttl schmit trigger inverter
  • Ttl-cmos,cmos-ttl interfacing
  • Arithmatic/logic unit (alu)
  • l 1 Characteristics apparatus
  • Cmos 1 " characteristics apparatus

Basic communication lab training modules

  • Transfer charateristics of ttl and ttl schmit triggerinverter
  • Cmos,cmos-ttl interfacing
  • Arithmatic/logic unit (alu)
  • Ttl Characteristics apparatus
  • Cmos Characteristics apparatus

  Electronics Lab Training Modules

Electronics Lab Training Modules

Enlarge View

  • Diode Valve Characteristics
  • Triode Valve Characteristics
  • Tetrode/Pentode Valve Characteristics
  • Lonization Potential of
  • IGBT Characteristics
  • Plank's Constant Apparatus
  • Photo cell characteristics apparatus
  • Work function of Diode(Richardson Law)
  • Solar call characteristics apparatus
  • Transistor Designer Kit(Discrete components Trainer)
  • H'Paramater of PNP Transistor
  • Transistor Characteristic
  • SCR Characteristics apparatus
  • FET Characteristics apparatus
  • Microphone & loudspeaker characteristics
  • Tunnel diodeV-l Characteristics
  • PN Junction Diode Characteristics
  • Voltage Stabilization Characteristics
  • Zener diode V-l Characteristics
  • Pn/zener diode /led Characteristics
  • Energy band gap apparatus
  • Energy band gap by four probe method
  • Thermistor characteristics
  • UJT characteristics apparatus & UJT as relaxation Oscillator
  • Mosfet Characteristics Apparatus
  • Chasracteristics & application of Basic thyristors (SCR, Diac,Traic, UJT)
  • Characteristics & Application of semiconductors & thyristors (scr, Diac Traic, ujt mosfet, fet,bjt,diode & zener)
  • Diac Characteristics
  • Triac Characteristics
  • Opto coupler characteristics
  • LDR Characteristics
  • LED Characteristics
  • Opto Electronics devices characteristics (Led, LDR, Photo transistor & photo diode)
  • Photodiode Characteristics
  • Photo transistor characteriastics
  • Measurement of peak, Average & RMS value of a AC signal
  • Vetification of KCL & KVL
  • Resistance in series ^Parallel
  • Ohm,s law apparatus with power supply
  • Charging & discharging of condenser
  • Flashing & Quenching of neon bulb
  • B.H. curve apparatus
  • Conversion of Galvanometer into voltmeter & ammeter
  • Voltage Doubler & tripler circuit
  • LCR resonance apparatus
  • LCR resonance apparatus with builitin sine wave oscillator
  • LCR impedance apparatus
  • RC circuit as low pass & High pass filters
  • Study of AC fundamentals
  • Clipping & clamping circuit apparatus
  • Half Wave, Full Wave & Bridge rectifierv App.
  • Voltage Regulation Using 1 317
  • Voltage regulation using 78 series viltage regulators
  • Ripple Factor Apparatus
  • e/m by Thomas method
  • e/m by helical's method
  • e/m by short solenoid method
  • e/m by magnetic focusing method
  • e/m milikan's Oil drop method

  Basic Communication Lab Training Modules

Basic Communication Lab Training Modules

Enlarge View

  • Amplitude modulation & demodulation.
  • Frequency modulation and demodulation.
  • Pulse amplitude modulation & demodulation.
  • Monostable & free running multi vibrator using transistors.
  • Pulse with modulation & demodulation.
  • Pulse position modulation & demodulation.
  • Pam/ppm/pwm modulation & demodulation.
  • Phase modulation and demodulation.
  • Frequency shift keying modulation & demodulation.
  • Amplitude shift keying modulation & [demodulation.
  • Phase shift keying modulation & demodulation.
  • Pulse code modulation and demodulation.
  • Delta modulation and demodulation.
  • Adaptive delta modulation and demodulation.
  • Single side band modulation & demodulation.
  • Sample & hold circuit using op-amp.
  • Balanced modulator/dsb-sc (dsb-sc amplitude
  • Modulation & demodulation).
  • Frequency division multiplexer & demultiplexer.

  Advance Communication Lab Training Modules

Advance Communication Lab Training Modules
  • Frequency Modulation & Demodulation
  • Delta,Adaptive Delta and Delta Sigma Modulation & Demodulation
  • TDM Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter
  • TDM Pulse Code Modulation Receiver
  • Data Formatting and Carrier Modulation Transmitter
  • Data Formatting and Carrier Demodulation Receiver
  • Analog Signal Sampling & Reconstruction
  • 8 Bit Variable Data Generator
  • DSB/SSB A M Transmitter
  • DSB/SSB AM Receiver
  • Transmission Line Trainer

  Power Electronic Lab Training Modules

Power Electronic Lab Training Modules
  • Light Intensity control using SCR & Triac
  • SCR Firing Circuits
  • SCR Commutation Techniques
  • Phase control using Triac
  • Switching Action of a BJT
  • Thyristor Firing Circuit Kit (UJT Controlled SCR Time Delay)
  • Step up Chopper
  • SCR Single Phase Half Wave, Full Wave, Fully controlled Bridge Rectifier/Converter
  • DC Motor Control using SCR's (with tachometer)
  • Three Phase Half Controlled Bridge Converter
  • Three Phase Fully Controlled Converter
  • Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Controller
  • Single Phase Cycloconverter
  • Chopper Motor Controller with Motor
  • SMPS Trainer Kit
  • Jone's Chopper
  • Morgan's Chopper
  • Series Inverter using SCR's
  • Parallel Inverter using SCR's
  • Universal AC/DC Motor Controller
  • Single Phase Inverter (using power mosfet)
  • DC Drive Trainer
  • Single Phase Half Controlled DC Drive

  Instrumentation Lab Training Modules

Instrumentation Lab Training Modules
• Instrumentation Trainer Using Transducers
• Strain Gauge Trainer Kit (with Cantilever Beam)
• LVDT Trainer Kit
• RTD Trainer Kit
• Thermocouple Trainer Kit
• Speed Measurement Module using Photo Electric & Magnetic
• Speed Measurement Module using Photo Electric Sensor
• Speed Measurement Module using Magnetic Sensor
• Inductive Pick up
• Capacitive Pick up
• Piezo Electric Transducer
• Hall Effect Sensor
• Pressure Measurment using strain gauge
• Load Cell Trainer Kit
• Temprature Sensors Kit
• PID Simulator
• PID Controller Kit (Model Process)
• PID Controller kit (Microprocessor Based)
• DC Servo Motor Speed Torque Characteristics Trainer
• Stepper Motor Controller Trainer
• DC Motor Speed Control Demonstration/Trainer
• Synchro Transmitter Receiver Pair
• Study of Compensation Network
• Magnetic Amplifier
• Magnetic Amplifier (Positive & Negative Feed Back)
• DC Voltage Regulator as a Closed Loop System
• Educational Analog Computer
• Board Model for Actuating Element
• Control Engineering Tutor
• Light Intensity Control
• Digital Control System
• Simple Resistance Welding
• Repeat Resistance Welding
• Simple (Event) Counter
• Stat-Delta Starter
• Pick and Place Application
• Annuciator
• Linear System Stimulator
• Study of First & Second order Control System Trainer

  Electrical Lab Training Modules & Equipments

Electrical Lab Training Modules & Equipments

Enlarge View

• Anderson bridge
• Scriering bridge
• Kelvin beidge(lndustrial)
• Kelvin beidge (student)
• Maxwell inductance bridge
• Weins bridge capacity measurement)
• Weins bridge (frequency measurement)
• Wheatstone bridge:'portable)
• Desauty bridge
• Hay's bridge
• Carry foster slide wire bridge
• Kolhrausch conductivity bridge
• Religh bridge
• Owen's bridge
• Platinum bridge
• Direct reading resistance bridge
• Callender and griffith bridge

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