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OPD Equipment

Our product range includes a wide range of OPD Equipment such as Examination And Diagnostic Set (ENT SET), B.P. Apparatus Mercury, Thermometer, Tongue Depressor, Doctors Stethoscope, Magnifying Lens and many more items.

Salient Features
  • Scratchless, smooth and excellently suited to purpose.
  • Top quality instruments yet economical.
  • The choice of 'C' or 'D' handles.
  • Supplied with one spare bulb of each instrument. 
    Set of otoscope, throat illuminator, laryngeal mirror, nasal speculum, tongue depressor, +C handle in case set of otoscope, throat illuminator, laryngeal mirror, nasal speculum, tongue depressor +C handle in case
Manual Blood Pressure Monitor(B.P. Appratus Mercury) - Traditional desk mercurial sphygmomanometer in the aluminum painted case with self Locking device, with adult Velcro cuff and metal D ring, Inter5nal graduated glass scale With inside diameter of 3.5 mm and a clear reading glass scale. On and OFF mercurial Tap for measuring range 0 to 300 mmhg air releases at closed tap max 4 mmhg per minute Graduated scale from 2 mmhg to 2 mmhg with bigger botches graduated every 10 units Single Packing in carton box.
Thermometer made of best quality glass with high visibility comes in Celsius and fornite reading, mercury beam clarity and special type mercury bulb comes in the case to Cary
Available in three different sizes, the lack tongue depressor for children, adolescents and adults are available in 13mm wide, 19mm wide and 22mm wide respectively. 
Doctors Stethoscope - Offers acoustical excellence in a traditional design, It s Innovative feature That ensure it is considered one of the most appreciated cardiology stethoscope in the world Included; the stainless steel/Brass chest piece diameter 36 to 47 mm diameter with extra deep Cone shaped bell for a superb low frequency response, stainless steel/Brass double inner spring Binaural, and floating diaphragm for unsurpassed amplification durable, elegantly mounded PVC Black tubing, Colour co-ordinates non-chill ring and diaphragm retaining ring for excellent Patient comfort while adding attractiveness. The stethoscope supported with special foam Lined box with spare one piece of earplug and one diaphragm.
Magnifying lens best quality heavy and thick glass fitted with metal chrome plated frame, handle provided for the user.
  • Highly Flexible almost Unbreakable Fiber Bundles.
  • Quartz glass Fibers for best light transmission and natural tissue colour.
  • Smooth outer Silicon tube and inner Stainless Steel Sheathing, Prevents Damage.
  • Available F.O. Light carrier for different type of scope and retractors.
  • Fitting can be made according to your Specifications i.e... STORZ, ACMI, WOLF, OLYMPUS.
  • State-of-art multiple coated system concentrates and focuses the brightest white light available-virtually shadow free
  • Unique design enables headlight adjustment from side to side and from straight down and upward positions
  • Coaxial Fiber optic Headlight is available with a variable 5-80mm light spot.
  • Convenient Focussing sleeves for uniform quality illumination.
  • Absolutely no heat through distance lamp source.
  • Glamorous adjustable plastic Head-Band with lock.
  • Elegant one bulb Halogen 24v 250w light source.
  • Variable Light intensity of high intense source.
  • With one spare bulb.
  • Non-Drift light pipe with 360 degree rotation & lock on any position.
  • Variable Halogen light of High lntense 150w Bulb..
  • Idle for various Micro Surgery Operations.
  • Compact light head with Focussing Sleeve.
  • With one spare Bulb.
  • Non-Drift light pipe with 360 degree rotation & lock on any position.
  • Available in Floor Stand, Table clamp and Wall Mount.
  • Noiseless Transformer Shock-Proof Plastic Body.
  • Variable Halogen Light of High Intense 12v Bulb.
  • Ideal for Various Micro Surgery Operation.
  • Compact light head with Focusing Sleeve.
  • Light Head can be removed from stand and used as Hand-held Examination Light as well.
  • ith one spare Bulb. Request a quote
  • Convenient focussing sleeve for uniform quality Illumination.
  • Open ribbed construction prevents excess head build-up.
  • Glamorous adjustable plastic Head-Band with lock.
  • Variable Halogen Light of high intense 12v bulb.
  • Transformer with shock proof plastic body.
  • One spare bulb, carrying case.
Trial Lens Kit is an attractive set, prepared from imported extra white lenses of high standard accuracy. The lenses are of plano from Black Vertex Power. 20mm aperture fitted in aluminium mounts of 38mm diameter. The plus and minus mounts of different colours. Handles are provided on spheres. The tray rises automatically when opened with light control. The case is an attractive coloured acrylic top with double lock and simple trial frame.
  • 32 pairs each cx and cc sph
  • 20 pairs each cx and cc cyl
  • 0.25 to 4.00 in 0.25 steps
  • 0.25 to 3.50 in 0.25 steps
  • 4.50 to 6.00 in 0.50 steps
  • 4.00 to 6.00 in 0.50 steps
  • 7.00 to 14.00 in 1.00 steps
  • 10 prisms: 1/2. 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12
  • 16.00 to 20.00 in 2.00 steps
Our Streak Retinoscopes Features :
  • Separate control for Beam adjustment and Streak rotation 360 Degree
  • Beam adjustments to Divergent, Parallel and Convergent.
  • Large Semi-Reflector interference Mirror.
  • With one spare Bulb.
  • Available in C and D Battery Handle.
  • Optional Electric Handle.
Reflex Hammer made of chrome plated metal material, upper part made of hard rubber for reflex and middle part as the needle for the test of skin and nervous system sensitivity and lower part as brush for the test of skin senseatation of the body. Indivisibly packed in the packing
Salient Features
  • Cordless operation and less power consumption.
  • Compact, light weight and handy instrument.
  • Simple and easy, scale reading system.
Type Internal/External Reading
Target Cross & Corona., 360 Degree.
Vertex Power Scale 0 to +_ 24 diopters
Prism Diopter Scale 0 ^ to 5(1 ^step)
Cylindrical Axis 0 Degree to 180 Degree (5 Degree step)
Lens Diameter Upto 90 mm
Eyepiece Adjustment +3 to -5 diopters, 0 to 90 degree, freely adjustable
Light Source Two 1.5 V AA batteries (Also, Usable with 3v AC adapter)
Supplied with Two spare Bulb, Dust Cover
Blood pressure apparatus aneroid type gauge construction made of metal with high accuracy and the cuff made of best quality fabric, bladder and tubing set made of green rubber of best material, valve made of brass and with know to release and fix the air inside the bladder while use of the apparatus, bulb made of green rubber, unit comes in the pocket type carry case, easy to handle.

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